Sleep Better Tonight Part 3: Defend Against Cyber Nightmares with Cybersecurity Solutions!

Believe it or not, the hackers might be scarier!

What makes the boogeyman so scary?

In most cultures and stories, the boogeyman is an effective warning to misbehaving kids.

But why?

In very few circumstances do we ever hear what he looks like or what he does… besides the fact he will get you if you don’t finish your broccoli!

In the cyber world, “hackers” and “bad actors” have become the proverbial boogeymen. Most people don’t really know what hackers are, much less what they do—but they know hackers are a threat.

At Stratti, we get it! Learning about cybersecurity solutions, much less staying up-to-date, can feel like a daunting task for folks trying to run their businesses. But if you’re reading this, you’re already ahead of the game.

The truth is, cyber risk is enormous, and you could very easily fall victim to many types of cyber attacks, from ransomware and malware to credential stuffing.

Cyberattacks can obliterate a business.

For example, they can:

  1. Result in significant financial losses for businesses. This includes direct costs such as ransom payments, legal fees, and regulatory fines, as well as indirect costs such as lost revenue due to downtime and costs associated with remediation and recovery efforts. (Ahh! So much worse than broccoli!)
  2. Erode customer trust. Breaches of sensitive data can lead to negative publicity, loss of confidence from stakeholders, and long-term damage to your reputation. Rebuilding trust and repairing reputational damage can be a costly and time-consuming process!
  3. Disrupt normal business operations. This again can lead to downtime and loss of productivity and have cascading effects on supply chains and customer service. Again… way worse than most vegetables.

The good news? There are ways to combat the boogeyman, without investing years of research!

The best solution: an IT professional like Stratti.

We can help: 

1. Identify weaknesses in your existing infrastructure 
2. Develop a healthy Backup and Disaster Recovery plan 
3. Set up firewalls and antivirus 
4. Get you started with employee training 
5. Manage incoming threats 
6. Backup your critical data 
7. Protect your power in case of an outage 
8. Revisit your password policies
9. Enable MFA and password managers 
10. And so much more we can tailor to your organization’s needs.

The boogeyman is a lot less scary when you have a friend who can help fight him off. By getting started with a defensive cybersecurity posture, you’ll also get peace of mind your business is protected. We’re willing to bet you’ll sleep better the first night!

Ready to start protecting your business?

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