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Cyber Security

Did you know: cybercriminals can access 93% of company networks. Nearly 80% of companies have had their business emails hacked.

It is no longer a matter of if your business will be attacked, but when.

Cybersecurity threats are intensifying—and the stakes are getting higher. Cybercrime steals crucial data, encrypts it, and makes it inaccessible to you. Sometimes, worst of all, it also steals client trust. These thefts can put you out of business overnight.

The best way to be prepared is to have a plan in place for when the hackers come—but only 23% of businesses are actually prepared for cyberattacks.

The solution? You need an IT wingman.

With 30 years in the cybersecurity business, Stratti can provide proactive, targeted security measures designed to help your business ward off cyberattacks, back up your data, and protect valuable business and client information.

The fight against cybercrime is very real, and Stratti’s got your back.