10 ways to improve your cybersecurity in 10 days

There’s no doubt cybersecurity is a key priority for your business and personal IT safety. But let’s face it: sometimes implementing these protocols can feel overwhelming.

Fortunately, Stratti’s got your back. As your trusty IT wingman, we’ve identified 10 quick and easy steps you can take today to improve your cybersecurity posture. Do one a day, and you’ll be well on your way toward a safer security posture. 

  1. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on everything you can. Extra login steps on your email, Amazon account, etc., mean hackers can’t access your data, even when your password is compromised.
  2. Install LastPass. A password manager removes the need (and danger) of reusing identical credentials across multiple accounts.
  3. Enable and apply software updates on your computer, tablet, and smartphone. When vendors publish new updates, hackers can reverse engineer them to discover vulnerabilities, which puts any un-updated systems at risk.
  4. Change your browser settings to increase security. That little “remember password” prompt from Chrome or Safari? Say no thanks. Configure your browser to never save cookies or login credentials for business-critical systems. Use a service like LastPass instead.
  5. Invest in (or use an existing) webcam cover for all computers and phones. Hackers can access your camera even when the indicator lights are off or the cameras are not in use.
  6. Ensure physical backups of your server. Ensure you have daily backups of your server. We recommend both physical and cloud backups. They should be encrypted and immutable, with the ability to go back 30 days or more for restoration.
  7. Update the passwords on your copiers and printers. Change the password from the manufactured default on your multifunction printers as well as any other device on your network. Use LastPass to generate a complicated password, then document it in LastPass for future use. 
  1. Create a separate guest wifi network. Keep your internal network, with access to sensitive company data, separate from the public network to help insulate your core business infrastructure.
  2. Review your network security. Ask your IT team to do a review of your network security to ensure everything properly configured. (Even better: a Managed IT Service provider like Stratti runs regular audits!)
  1. Turn your Bluetooth off when not in use. Bluetooth devices can communicate with one another and let malicious actors send unsolicited spam and phishing messages to your device.

Once you’ve checked off these 10 tasks, you’ll be in a much better place than you started! 

But don’t stop here! You’re just getting started.

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