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Your customers expect you to be accurate and on time and you’ve built your business to do just that. Deadlines are everything in the accounting world. Whether it be for quarterly taxes, a company’s monthly close or end of year reporting, your clients expect you to deliver accurate information, on time and with a smile.  Smart technology and integrated networks are essential to any successful accounting firm.

What happens to your business when yours goes down?

Stratti is a leading expert in the Accounting industry with clients across the country.  We’re also knowledgeable with HIPAA, PCI and Sarbanes–Oxley Compliance Guidelines.  We understand your systems and your software.  Stratti has experience with these and many other programs:

  • Lacert Tax
  • Prosystems
  • PPC
  • Quickbooks (Accounting and Enterprise Editions)
  • Tax Tools
  • Timeslips

Since 1995, we have been providing systems solutions and accountability. We offer Stratti-gic technology, from analysis and system design, to installation and support.  Backed by our experienced team of Microsoft Certified professionals and 24×7 support, we’re there when you need us most.

How can we help you?

Strategic IT Planning: the key to success is the right equipment and software to fit your business needs. We listen first, recommend second.

Monitoring: We take a proactive approach to your systems to detect and solve issues before they become problems. Consider us your technology Team, here to protect and serve. 

Preventative Maintenance & Recovery Planning: Disasters can and do happen. Stratti leads the way with solutions to help prevent those disasters, and solutions to help you get up and running faster should one occur.  We guide you through implementing a preventative maintenance and disaster plan. With Stratti-gic technology solutions, we assure your data is backed up and quickly accessible so, for you, it’s business as usual.