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Your organization is located in California, so you’re likely concerned about CalPERS liability. It feels like you’re carrying a big-ass donkey on your back.

To take action, many municipalities and organizations are choosing to contract essential services.

Stratti partners with many municipalities and organizations in Northern California to manage or co-manage their IT infrastructure.

Benefits? You bet. Not only can you decrease CalPERS liability and IT overhead by not hiring new staff, you also get a full IT Team with a depth and breadth of expertise. You save more and get more.

You’re probably asking yourself – Will I be a priority? Will I get a response when I need it?

We understand the hesitation to outsource your IT, because IT is one of your core critical functions.

  • Stratti answers the phone in 5 rings or less
  • Stratti provides support 24/7/365

For years, Stratti has partnered with organizations, such as Thermalito Water & Sewer, Butte County Air Quality Management District, and cities and towns, such as the City of Biggs and the Town of Paradise, including Paradise PD and Animal Control.

Curious about how your organization can reduce your CalPERS liability, save on IT costs, and gain a full, responsive IT Team? Just click this link to schedule a discovery call. If you’re struggling with your IT and need help now, call us at (530) 342-8999.

We specialize in:

Proactively Managed Services: We take a proactive approach to your systems and network to detect and solve issues before they become problems. Consider us your IT Team. We monitor the health of your systems real time, and we support your technology 24/7, so you can focus on your organization.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning: Disasters can and do happen, and Stratti leads the way with solutions. Not only do we help prevent technology disasters, but we also customize solutions to your needs to help you get up and running faster should one occur.

DevOps: A strategic blend of “development” and “operations” which is designed to increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications & services faster, more efficiently, and more seamlessly. By combining the practices and tools traditionally found in different departments, DevOps streamlines efficiency so you can do what you do best and get the outcome you want faster.

Strategic IT Planning: The key to success is the right technology equipment and software customized for your organization’s needs now and in the future. We listen first, recommend second.