IT Services


Are you effectively using information technology to meet your business objectives? Whether you just need a few hours to help with a project or you’re facing a complex issue that needs resolution, the Stratti team is here to help.

Project Management: A successful business project is typically driven by an employee who has the vision and influence to create the needed technology changes in a business. However, the project leadership role requires significant experience and the right skills which are rarely found within a company focused on day-to-day operations. This is where Stratti can help, bringing years of experience to manage small and large projects to conclusion.

Stratti offers professional consulting services in the areas of:

  • Network design
  • Network security and threat protection
  • Business process and system design
  • Hardware recommendation and procurement
  • Business Disaster and Restore Planning
  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • Infrastructure capacity planning
  • Wireless network design

Stratti is here to help develop a clear and strategic plan, put the right people in place, and drive your project to completion. Contact our team to discuss your technology needs.