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Disaster Restoration

In a residential disaster your customers depend on you to restore their property like nothing ever occurred. What happens when your company has a computer or network disaster? Are you stopped dead in your tracks?  Do you have a plan to get your company back to running quickly like nothing ever happened?

Technology is the lifeblood of any busy organization, and especially in an emergency response industry. Next to your employees, Technology is one of the highest valued entities in your business. It is used to communicate to your customers, dispatch your employees and generates the invoices that pay the bills.

It is imperative that every company has a good disaster preparedness plan.  Could your company keep running if the power was out, or if your building was flooded?  Could you continue to get emails from insurance companies to help out your customers?

Disasters come in all varieties – floods, fires, winds and yes, even technology. Whatever the cause, everything stops abruptly. Your passion is to help your customers recover from their disasters. Our passion is to keep your technology network up and running so you can focus on solving their crises and avoid one of your own.

We have been helping companies for over 20 years become prepared if an IT disaster occurs.

Stratti is a leading expert in the industry of Disaster Clean Up and Restoration Professionals with customers across the country.  We understand your systems and your unique software, with experience in set-up and support for industry-essential software:

  • PSA
  • Xactimate
  • JPP
  • Luxor
  • Camelot

Backed by our experienced team of Microsoft Certified professionals and 24×7 support, Stratti has the technology strategies for the disaster recovery industry.  From analysis and design to deployment and support, Stratti has the experience with your industry to keep your business up and running smoothly.

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