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Nothing is more critical than harvest. If networks are down or connectivity is interrupted, the consequences could be catastrophic.

Stratti is a leading expert in technology for the Agriculture industry with clients throughout Northern California.  We’ve worked with farms, ranches, hullers, and processing plants for years. 

We provide support 24/7/365, and prioritize our Ag Services clients during harvest.  We support the hardware and software needs you have specific to agriculture.  We have deep experience in:

  • Specialized connectivity for mobilized workforce in the fields
  • Cellular amplification for effective communication between remote, rural sites
  • Support for equipment integration & automation
  • Connectivity, redundancy, and IT reliability of systems and networks
  • Camera Systems & Perimeter Security for protection of your assets

Technology is changing at a rapid pace and touches every aspect of farming and ranching. The IT revolution is here and the traditional methods of planting, growing and harvesting are gone. It’s crucial for your farm or ranch to have a reliable network designed to reach the remote corners of your land, all year long.

We specialize in:

Proactively Managed ServicesWe take a proactive approach to your systems and network to detect and solve issues before they become problems. Consider us your IT Team. We monitor the health of your systems real time, and we support your technology 24/7, so you can focus on your business.

Backup & Disaster Recovery PlanningDisasters can and do happen, and Stratti leads the way with solutions. Not only do we help prevent those disasters, but we also customize solutions to your needs to help you get up and running faster should one occur.

Strategic IT PlanningThe key to success is the right equipment and software customized for your business needs now and in the future. We listen first, recommend second.

Cabling & Wireless Communications: Control bandwidth, connect remote buildings and rural sites without signal interference, and provide continued connection for users. Stratti provides complete network infrastructure solutions for wired and wireless networks.

Camera Systems & Perimeter Security: Keep watch for who’s on your property day and night with security camera systems, and only allow access to your building for people who belong.

Since 1995, Stratti has been providing strategic solutions for the Agriculture industry. Contact us for more detailed information, or for a free system and security analysis.