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Data Loss Prevention

A Dow Jones corporate research firm, Data Quest, recently completed a study showing that purchasing hardware is only 20% of the real cost, whereas, the remaining 80% is service, repair, upgrades and administration.

Stratti specializes in helping reduce your total cost of ownership by offering proactive solutions to help prevent data loss, system downtime, and lost productivity.

Backup will Protect Your Data

Eventually, every computer hard disk will fail, and any data stored on it could be lost. For most people the data is worth much more than the computer hardware.

Studies have shown that 80% of small businesses that suffer a total loss of computer data end up going out of business within two years. A hard disk failure is not the only way this can happen. Data can be lost in fires, floods, earthquakes, and theft. Fortunately, there is one effective way to protect against all of these disasters, by making regular backups.

On line backups are a simple and secure method to ensuring your data is always available, safe and protected. If you are not making regular backups, you should be!

Get Power Protection

Power problems are the single largest cause of computer data loss and hardware damage. Two major power outages hit the West in a recent summer affecting 2.7 million people in nine. According to an IBM study, in a typical month your computer will be affected by approximately 120 power problems. The five major types of power events are blackouts, surges, spikes, line noise and sags. A properly functioning Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) will:

  • Provide clean, continuous power to your computer
  • Protect your data, computer, peripherals and Internet connections
  • Allow you to save your important files in the event of a power problem
  • Provide system auto-shutdown and software to enable you to save valuable data

Let Stratti make sure you are protected, we have provided business and data protection for business of all sizes. Protecting small offices and full data centers. Whether you need to protect one server or your entire headquarters, Stratti can help. Call us today for a FREE, no obligation consultation.