Simple, Secure IT Solutions 

With new threats around every corner, fighting off cybercriminals and attacks on your business can feel impossible.

The more you fight, the harder it is to escape.

But good news: freedom comes when you let Stratti fight your IT battles instead.

We offer a FREE 15-minute Live Assessment to see how your cybersecurity stacks up.

Our 15-minute cybersecurity assessment can help you identify vulnerabilities and transform your business in unexpected ways. 

With Stratti’s personalized feedback, you can: 

✅ Identify ways to improve your company’s cybersecurity against attacks and phishing 

✅ Protect your business against costly ransomware attacks and data breaches 

✅ Protect hardware against untimely malfunctions

✅ Enable backups and prevent server downtime

✅ Demonstrate to your clients how safe and secure your organization is 

If you’re biting your nails, thinking “I’ve never even thought about cybersecurity before…” don’t worry! 

We will meet you where you are. 

Whether you’ve barely heard of ransomware, just need help with improving your reputation, or have technical IT questions, our experts can handle it. 

What exactly is being assessed? 

Great question! In this 15 minute assessment, we’ll ask you about: 

  1. Your company’s current cybersecurity status
    1. Examples: Do you secure your network with firewalls? What kind of antivirus software are you using? How do you handle passwords?
  2. What your company would do if there is a cyber attack or breach
    1. Examples: Do you have an incident response plan? How are you backing up your data, and how often?
  3. What actions you are taking to ensure you and your employees are using best practices to stay safe?
    1. Examples: Are you compliant with any and all industry regulations? What kind of permissions are in place within your network? Are your employees trained on how to recognize phishing emails?

And more. 

If you’re scanning those questions and thinking, “Hmm, I’m not sure about any of those…” there might be a way you can prepare a little for the assessment. 

Where possible, you can start by reviewing your internal cybersecurity protocols, if anything exists. Are there policies shoved into a long-lost digital folder? Is there a form new employees sign to comply with security? 

Materials like these might help you jog your memory, and realize you might not be starting from zero! 

Here’s the truth: 

A 15-minute assessment can have a significant impact on your business. 

When you take action on your company’s cybersecurity policies and vulnerabilities, you’re investing in your business. 

You’re solidifying your security, safeguarding your future, and getting something even more priceless… peace of mind. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Stop fighting and sign up for your 15-minute cyber security assessment today!