Sleep Better with Cyber Protection from a Managed Service Provider (That’s Us!) [Part 1]

We’ll manage your cybersecurity so you don’t have to

Ahh… you’re in bed, dozing off after a long day at work…

Sales are up, the marketing campaign is going well… 

Oh my gosh, did I lock the door of the office?! 

A single thought about the security of your business can jolt you awake in a heartbeat. 

For many business owners these days, unaddressed digital worries can—and sometimes should—keep you up at night just as easily. 

Here’s the reality: 

A lot of threats will almost certainly affect you if you don’t safeguard your organization. And things are only getting worse. 

The current digital landscape is characterized by an ever-evolving array of sophisticated threats. Cybercriminals are employing advanced techniques such as ransomware, phishing, and supply chain attacks to target both individuals and businesses.

Ransomware, in particular, has surged in prevalence, with attackers encrypting valuable data and demanding payments for its release. These threats often exploit human vulnerabilities through social engineering tactics, preying on unsuspecting users through deceptive emails and fake websites. Once an attacker has your data, they will force you to pay to access it. 

Moreover, the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) by cybercriminals poses a growing concern. AI can be leveraged to automate and enhance various attack methods, making them more potent and difficult to detect.

So what to do?

Step 1: Assess Your Vulnerability

Locking a door might feel simple in comparison to locking down digital defenses, particularly if you’re not familiar with the “threat landscape” or even what “hackers” really do. But luckily, you don’t have to be an expert! However, if you’re looking for peace of mind, the first step is coming to grips with how vulnerable you are.

Modern businesses need to adopt proactive cybersecurity measures. This means regular security audits, employee training, and the implementation of robust defense mechanisms. 

Step 2: Consider a Managed Service Provider

Unless you have a secret double life as an information security professional, these types of preventative measures are best implemented with the help of somebody who knows what they’re doing. It’s time to hire some help: it’s time for a proactive Managed Service Provider!

A proactive Managed Service Provider (MSP) is your IT bodyguard. Instead of waiting for problems to respond to, we actively maintain, update, and secure your tech infrastructure. We stay on top of evolving threats, hardware maintenance, and employee training schedules so you don’t have to worry about the details. 

At Stratti, we’re literally always (yes, 24/7!) on the alert for suspicious activity in our customer networks. We’re constantly netting worries in the background, so you don’t even have to hear about the sneaky phishing attempts we thwarted. Just like physical security guards, you can trust us to keep unwanted guests out of your systems.

In the meantime, you’ll be able to carry on with business as normal.

Get started with your free 15-minute cybersecurity assessment, and sleep better tonight knowing Stratti is always watching out.