Finally Shed The Old This Year

Imagine How Much You Can Gain!

When was the last time you updated your technology? If you are still doing business on older technology – hardware and software, you could be putting yourself at risk, and, unfortunately, it could end up costing you big. As we begin a new year, it’s time to take a close look at the tech you rely on every day.

While many small businesses tend to put off major technology purchases due to the upfront costs, by doing so, you may be opening yourself up to bigger risks and costs down the road.

Here are five reasons your business could benefit by shedding the old technology:

  1. Increase productivity.
    • Old technology has a habit of getting slow. This means your team wastes time waiting for their PCs to turn on and their apps to load. Even well-maintained equipment wears out over time. This problem is compounded when your team uses software that no longer works as it once did. Eventually, programs that once worked well together start to experience hiccups, and you risk losing data.  Getting a technology “refresh” can directly impact productivity.
  2. Keep customers satisfied.
    • Your customers want to know your data (which may also be their data) is secure. If you’re using outdated tech, there’s a good chance that data IS NOT secure. One Microsoft survey revealed 91% of consumers would end their relationship with a business that was relying on outdated technology.
  3. Retain Employees.
    1. When employees have slow hardware and poorly-integrated software, they can get frustrated. They get even more frustrated if nothing is done about it. Replacing employees is often much more costly than improving technology. Keep employees, and keep them effective and happy by making sure their technology up to date.
  4. Stay supported.
    • Over time, developers stop supporting their older products so they can focus on their new products. Which means, they devote more attention to customers using the newer versions. This can leave you in the dark if you run into a problem. By keeping your technology up to date, your software, systems, and networks stay supported.
  5. Improve security.
    • A loss of support also means no security patches for your aging hardware or software. This makes you highly vulnerable to cyberthreats, including data breaches, malware infections, and all kinds of other cyber-attacks. Updated technology allows for improved security, keeping hackers out and your data in.

Here’s what you can do to be proactive: as we head into a new year, take stock of your technology. It’s unlikely you have to replace everything, but look at where you are most vulnerable. What issues are your employees experiencing? What hardware or software is no longer supported? Where are the gaps in your IT security?

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