GoDaddy Hacked: A good time to change your password

On November 17, GoDaddy discovered a breach to their system, and reported it yesterday.  They warned 1.2 million customers’ data might have been compromised.  Not a good day for them.

What does this mean for you?

Now would be a good time to change your password on your GoDaddy account. 

The General Rule for updating accounts

When web accounts get hacked, there are three things to check for and change.

1. Change Your Password

By changing your password, you overwrite the existing password that was compromised and eliminate the cyber criminals’ ability to use the hacked password. 

2. Set up MFA.  

If MFA (multi-factor authentication) is available, set that up because it adds another layer of protection to your account and whatever sensitive information you have in that account.

3. Verify your email.

Double check to verify your email address is still accurate.  If it’s not, now’s the time to update it.

Updating your GoDaddy account

If you need help updating your GoDaddy account, give us a call at 530-342-8999 and we’re happy to walk through it with you. 

Do Not Delay! 

Updating your password is time sensitive.  The sooner you do it, the better protected you will be.