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Why Proactively Managed IT Services might be the perfect fit for your company

In this day and age, it’s a slippery slope to feel like you’re falling behind in the technology world.

The reality is not everyone needs to be an IT expert…

much less keep up with monthly updates, guidelines, and security recommendations. Technology systems and security are incredibly important, but this doesn’t mean that the entirety of your team needs to understand the intricacies of cloud storage or how to fix a router.

So, what do you need?

You need someone who can cover your IT bases.

Whatever your industry, and however big your company, Stratti has solutions for you. We can help you identify knowledge gaps and staff strengths, and we can build a plan for monthly service that keeps you up and running.

From a practical standpoint, Stratti installs and supports all the devices and PCs that connect to your servers. If you’re just getting set up in a new office, or if everyone works remotely, we can handle it.

You also will inevitably need many other IT services: phone and on-site support, antivirus, security, backup, and so on.  Don’t compromise on these: services that monitor and maintain the health, speed, performance, and security of your computer network are crucial to keeping your business functioning well.

What if I have more specific concerns?

Stratti IT services can be customized to everything about your business, from location to industry to your growth goals. Worried about flooding or power outages? We can help you build a business continuity plan and provide monthly maintenance. Concerned about data breaches and attacks on sensitive data? Stratti experts can provide you with insight on best industry practices, backup disaster and recovery plans, and cloud storage security.

Proactively Managed Services are for anyone! 

One of the issues small- and mid-sized companies face is not having the capacity or budget for an in-house IT team. Fortunately, with Stratti by your side, you simply don’t need one: we assist you with ongoing virus and malware protection, server maintenance, BDR plans, and more. You get security without staff costs, expensive one-time fixes, and other pricey overhead. 

Ease your mind and release the pressure for everyone to be technology experts—let Stratti be your wingman.