VoIP Systems: What they are, and why you need one in 2022!

The benefits of streamlined digital communication abound

Whether you spell it out (V-O-I-P) or say “voyp!” with gusto each time, VoIP is an acronym you’ve likely encountered in recent years. 

But what is VoIP, really? And why is it so important? 

Simply put, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a category of technology that allows you to make and receive calls using an Internet connection instead of a regular phone line. 

Commonplace software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams use VoIP technology. But there are more options, and benefits, to a customized system. Stratti can help with choosing a good fit, installation, and onboarding.  

What are the benefits? 

Flexibility in the workplace—and out of it!

Regular landline phone systems mean that if you aren’t at your desk, you can’t take a call. But VoIP systems let you make and receive calls from your computer as well as from your smartphone.   

The portability of VoIP systems is a huge advantage for teams working remotely. This includes folks who have any kind of fieldwork and who travel. Staying connected is of ultimate importance for groups of people trying to work effectively: you need to be able to leave messages and know that someone will see them, or to call into the office when you have a problem off-site. 

Stratti’s VoIP systems mean more flexibility for everyone. 

Cost-cutting in both directions!  

It’s a fact that traditional phone service requires expensive hardware so individual desks and offices have dedicated lines. If you want to add lines or make changes, maintenance and repairs are also expensive. 

If you’re connected to email, you already have all the hardware you need for a VoIP system. You can save money by a) using your existing setup, and b) using VoIP for more of your business needs. VoIP setups can offer options not available in analog situations, like call waiting, voicemail to text, and simple ways to add new employees or client connections. 

Are There Drawbacks? 

There are many benefits to having a company-wide VoIP system. 

However, they can be a challenge to manage, especially as you’re transitioning to new systems while trying to grow your company. Fortunately, Stratti’s managed VoIP services can guide you through an uninterrupted transition while also keeping your data secure. From setting up account permissions to network troubleshooting and optimization down the line, our experts make VoIP management and maintenance a breeze. 

VoIP technology is becoming ubiquitous—so if you’re looking for some help getting on board, look no further. 

With Stratti as your VoIP management ally, we make it easy for you to stay focused on what counts: building your business.