PG&E Shutoff Information

Concerned About a Power Outage? 

Summers in California have become notorious for rolling power outages due to heat waves, fire threats, and thunderstorms. 

We want you to have information about what to do with your computer systems and network, should there be a power outage.

What You Can Do

First, be sure you have an online account with PG&E and your contact information is up to date.  When possible, they will attempt to reach out to you via calls, texts, and emails to alert you about a pending shutdown.  You can check your contact information by visiting

Second, call us when you’re alerted by PG&E or when the power unexpectedly goes out.  We will check your systems to be sure they shut down properly.  We can also help get your servers back online when the power comes on.

What We Are Doing

We are proactively monitoring the outage alerts from the PG&E website to keep an eye on your area.  This way we can check your network and help you from here.

If you’re a Proactively Managed Client (PMC), we’ve already installed a UPS on your server and most workstations – this provides continued power to your systems, allowing them to shut down properly.

We’re in California too, so we get it.  The power outages are inconvenient, disruptive, and it’s often unknown when the outages are coming or how long they’ll last.  A little preparation ahead of time creates more ease and less frustration when the outages do come.

If you have questions about getting prepared for a power outage and protecting your network, call us at (530) 342-8999 or email

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