How Stratti Provides IT Support for Law Firms 

So good, it’s criminal! 

More than a quarter of law firms suffered a security breach in 2022 alone, according to the American Bar Association’s annual cybersecurity report

In some ways, law firms themselves aren’t the target—it’s their clients’ secrets and data cybercriminals are really after. This means even small firms are heavily targeted, especially as regulations and compliance standards change. Cybercriminals know firms hold massive amounts of personal and professional data. 

Depending on the specialty of the firm, this might include personally identifiable information like social security numbers, passwords, emails, and credit card numbers; business information including records, payroll, and mergers and acquisitions; and even state and federal government data like voting records, real estate dealings, or Medicaid details. 

No matter what type of law the firm covers, it’s a tempting target for threat actors. Once stolen, data can be bought and sold for even more nefarious purposes and could lead to a data breach or ransomware attack in a heartbeat. These have a chain reaction of negative effects for law firms, including financial loss and the dissolution of client trust. 

At Stratti, we understand no one in a law firm wants to become an expert in anything else—you’ve all got enough on your plates. 

However, as we’ve recently seen, changes to compliance standards in many industries are happening quickly, and dramatically. 

Rules within the FTC, like the Safeguards rule, illustrate this, and we can expect more changes on the horizon in the next few years. Firms need to stay ahead of these demands while also, of course, protecting themselves and their client secrets. Outsourcing IT services to MSPs like Stratti allows law firms to focus on their core legal work while leveraging the expertise and resources of specialized IT professionals.

For law firms, having reliable IT infrastructure and support is crucial for managing data securely, ensuring compliance, and maintaining operational efficiency. 

At Stratti, we’re proud to help law firms with a wide range of IT support, from IT helpdesk to cybersecurity policies and patch management. We can also help you: 

  • Improve internal cyber-hygiene 
  • Train employees on security posture
  • Prevent data loss
  • Create backup and disaster recovery plans 
  • Complete vulnerability assessments 
  • Stay compliant
  • And so much more

These changes can help your firm operationalize systems quickly, store vast amounts of data efficiently and clearly, and work collaboratively—and remotely—with ease. You’ll sleep better at night knowing you’re protecting client data as well as your own. 

How to get started: 

Call us! With a free 15-minute assessment, we can get you on the road to improved cybersecurity posture and modern infrastructure.