A project is defined as a temporary effort one takes on to create a unique product, service or result.

A successful business project is typically driven by an employee who has the vision and influence to create the needed technology changes in a business. However, the project leadership role typically requires significant experience and the right skills which are rarely found within a company focused on day-to-day operations. This is where Stratti can help, bringing years of experience to manage small and large technology projects to conclusion.

Project management processes can be divided into five key activities:

  • Identify project management infrastructure -Resources
  • Project Definition
  • Project Planning
  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Project Closing

Resource allocation is critical to any successful project. Stratti’s project management team acts as the focal point, providing the stability and control needed to ensure we successfully achieve your organization’s project objective.

Stratti Project Management Solutions Include:

  • New Building Infrastructure combining data, telephone, security
  • Campus wide mesh wireless networks
  • Company mergers or purchases integrating combined technology
  • Software and database conversions or upgrades
  • Corporate relocation – ensuring a smooth technology move

Whether a simple installation or a major network design and implementation, strong project management skills ensure work is done expertly, on time, within budget, and meets expectations. We all know how easy it is for a project to suddenly find itself off target or reaching outside of its original scope. Stratti project managers help your organization stay on point and on target.

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