The medical industry is diverse in the uses of software and hardware however they all have one thing in common; they require being HIPAA compliant, they use EMR and EPM software.

It is your objective to be able to provide accurate and efficient Medical Services to your patients, it is our objective to provide accurate and efficient Computer Systems to the medical industry.

Computer security and reliability are the two key items for a successful medical practice.

HIPPA compliance and security

Do you know if your systems are truly HIPAA compliant?  Have you done a security analysis of your systems and network?  As guidelines and laws change, it is important that you keep up to date with what is currently required.   Stratti can provide a complete security and network analysis to determine if you are HIPPA compliant.  From there, a plan of action can be created to ensure you meet the necessary guidelines.  In addition our Stratti Team can monitor and maintain your systems and network security, and provide an annual compliance report.

We work with small and medium practices as well as large multi-location practices.  In addition we help support hospitals in meeting their computer and network objectives.

Whether it is small or medium medical and dental practices or urgent care clinics or hospitals we have the expertise to provide the security and support necessary for an efficiently running business.

Electronic medical records and electronic patient management are the key tools that you need to have running efficiently and reliably.  It is important to have both the right software and the correct hardware to allow proper operation.  Computer servers should be configured to provide the best performance and reliability available.

Providing integration with specialized medical equipment to ensure high availability

EMR and EHR Installations

Are you looking to upgrade your EPM or EMR software and don’t know where to start?  Does your office have rows and rows of Paper Medical records that need to be converted to electronic records?

Meaningful Use

With Meaningful Use Stage 2 adoption requirements, healthcare providers are under increasing pressure to accelerate technology initiatives that would enable them to:

  • Enhance interoperability of systems for exchanging clinical data
  • Monitor and report performance based on evidence-based clinical guidelines, and 
  • Build consumer exchange solutions that are simple, intuitive and easy for patients to adopt

The Stratti Team has been around since 1995, providing strategic solutions for the medical industry, including installations of electronic health records, validation, testing, optimization and ongoing support.

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