Technology is changing at a rapid pace and touches every aspect of law. The IT revolution is here and the traditional methods of delivering legal services are gone. It’s crucial for your practice to have a reliable network designed to support your processes and deliver the services your clients demand and expect.

Stratti Technology Innovators (STI) is a leading expert in the Legal Services industry with customers across the country.  We have worked with law offices for years and we can support the hardware and software needs you have specific to the legal profession. We have deep application experience in:

  • Jury Selector
  • Legal Solutions
  • Legal Solutions
  • Lexis Nexis PC Law
  • Filemaker Pro
  • Timeslips
  • Many other software programs

Security has become critical in all areas of business computing today. Stratti is here to help protect you. Our Team can provide you with monitored firewall protection, letting us know if an external attack occurs.  We can help with encrypted email to ensure there are no prying eyes intercepting confidential communications. In addition, we are experienced with many security directives, including HIPAA, PCI and Sarbanes–Oxley Compliance Guidelines.

Does your office have rows and rows of Paper Legal records that need to be converted to electronic records? Let Stratti help by providing the right installation for document imaging and management. Backed by our experienced team of Microsoft Certified professionals and 24x7 unlimited support, we’re there when you need us most.

We specialize in:

Strategic IT Planning: the key to success is the right equipment and software to fit your business needs. We listen first, recommend second.

Monitoring: We take a proactive approach to your systems to detect and solve issues before they become problems. Consider us your technology team here to protect and serve. 

Preventative Maintenance & Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning: disasters can and do happen. Stratti leads the way with solutions to not only help prevent those disasters; we have solutions to help you get up and running faster should one occur. 

The Stratti Team has been around since 1995, providing strategic solutions for the legal industry. Contact us for more detailed information, or for a free system and security analysis.  

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