You’re a Target For Hackers—Here’s What To Do About It (Part 3)

It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility

We have one completely bulletproof way to never get hacked. 

Want to hear it? 

It’s called going off-grid! 

It’ll just take a couple of steps: first, cancel all your subscriptions, then throw your laptop, tablet, smart devices, and cell phone in a lake, and finally, set up a tent in the woods away from anything with wifi. 

….We’re joking, of course, so please don’t throw your laptop in a lake. Fish are notoriously picky about their electronics. But we do know sometimes, that kind of action feels like it’s the only way to get away from all the digital threats coming our way.

Fortunately, Stratti has you covered. 

[Show me how in 15 minutes!]

You already know hackers and cybercriminals are part of a thriving, opportunistic industry. You also likely already know that while you might not think you’re an attractive target, demographic trends and exploitable vulnerabilities make everyone, including you, a potential victim. 

Wait, what kind of demographics and vulnerabilities? 

Essentially, everyone using the internet is at risk, but different aspects of vulnerabilities can make you an easier target to aim for. 

Hackers might target you by focusing on things like: 

  1. Operating systems and browsers that haven’t been updated

Are you someone who always clicks “remind me tomorrow” when your computer is asking to shut itself down for an update? Well…you might want to reconsider! Patches and updates are often related to safety, not just functionality. Hackers have many ways of leveraging known vulnerabilities in older, unpatched OS systems and browsers. 

  1. Password reuse and password weakness 

Ever wonder why “password” doesn’t make a good password? It’s because it’s incredibly popular and easy to guess. Hackers often obtain access to data and money by leveraging compromised credentials—namely, stolen email and password combinations. When lots of people choose weak passwords or re-use one across all their accounts, threat actors can take advantage of whole identities. 

  1. Unsecured plugins, software, and networks

Whether it’s a public wifi network without a password or legacy software, anything unsecured and not updated can be an easy foot in the door for hackers.     

So what to do to ward off hackers?

Make it a whole lot harder for them to get in! 

Just like how physical security systems like motion-detecting lights, alarms, and locked doors make home invasion a whole lot harder, Stratti is here to help you patch misconfigurations, build strong backup plans, and keep all your systems up to date. 

We all need to be paying attention to our cyber hygiene. The valid concerns we all have regarding hacking and identity theft are in no way our fault—but they are our responsibility to address. 

Everyone, including you and your business, is a target for hackers. But with Stratti’s help, your businesses can be as protected as possible.

Let’s chat—we’ve got your back!