If you don’t have a firewall set up on your network, you need one now

While the term firewall might sound like something out of a 90s video game, it’s actually one of the most crucial security systems a business can install. The term originated with the concept of a wall intended to prevent fire (in this case, fire means unwanted traffic) from spreading into your personal computer or internal network.

So what’s a firewall? 

A firewall is a network security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic from the internet based on predetermined security rules. A firewall typically establishes a barrier between a trusted network and an untrusted network. Not only does it keep the bad guys like malware, identify theft, spam, and viruses out, but it also ensures that good traffic like emails and research can pass back and forth unscathed.

As you may know, firewalls can be either software or hardware, such as a router. At Stratti, the hardware firewalls we use (Sophos Firewall) are also routers. We can help you configure them according to the need and security preferences of your company. 

Why do I need to pay for a firewall? Can’t I just delete the spam in my inbox?

Hackers are clever and devious, and they can get around a whole lot more than your email. Malicious websites make up 23% of attacks. And compromised passwords account for 21% of ransomware attacks. 

So, while deleting and flagging spam is a healthy routine, it’s not enough. You need to have robust data protection and system security in place, including software that only allows approved apps to be used on your network. Being proactive means you have an IT team setting up firewalls and antivirus programs, constantly monitoring your network, keeping your firewalls updated, and looking out for problems or anything out of the ordinary.