Why Sophos XGS is the best firewall protection for your business

Having strong firewall protection is a must-have for every company that wants to keep its data safe. But with so many options out there, which software should you choose? At Stratti, we recommend only the products we trust and use ourselves, and for firewalls, that’s Sophos XGS. Also known as Sophos Firewall, it provides the following heavy-duty security features:

Faster Encryption Inspections

Sophos XGS uses TLS 1.3 Inspection, also known as the software that reviews encrypted messages malware often uses. In the past, this inspection slowed down the speed and efficiencies of websites and ultimately user experience. The TLS 1.3 Inspection allows encryption inspection without slowing things down.

Deep Packet Inspection

Sophos Firewall also offers a Deep Packet Inspection engine, which essentially means it reviews data transmitted over a computer network without slowing things down in the review. In doing so, it blocks ransomware and Sophos Firewall blocks the latest ransomware and breaches with the newest technology.

Faster Video and Zoom

Extra speed and optimized performance for the good traffic on your network! The Xstream Flow processor speeds up things like cloud processing and video, so there’s no lag or glitch in your Zoom meetings.

Read more about Sophos Firewall capabilities here.

Synchronized Security

Most antivirus programs are designed to flag attackers once they recognize it as malware. The antivirus looks at the behavior of an otherwise “unknown” attack and will temporarily remove a computer from the network while it assesses the threat. It will remove that threat if it’s deemed malicious and will then restore the computer’s access to others or notify the Network Administrator if a threat needs attention. The threat is then added to the database of known attackers, which is great for those who come after but what about the companies who get the virus first?

The Sophos Firewall bridges that gap by working with Sophos Anti-Virus and Sophos Wireless Access Points to look for new and suspicious behavior (such as traversing the network or changing existing files) and blocking malware that an antivirus wouldn’t be able to detect. 

Interested in adding Sophos Firewall to your security system? Give us a call.