We’ve Got Your Back!

Historically, the term “wingman” referred to a pilot who flew beside the lead aircraft in a separate plane as part of a military formation. His job was multifaceted: he made flights safer and more effective by increasing the number of eyes on the skies and adding potential firepower.

While the term has evolved to mean something more figurative, and also more specific to dating, the concept of a “wingman” remains useful. We all wish we had a loyal, trustworthy friend with us during tense, unfamiliar situations. Someone who can keep an eye on your drink when you go to the bathroom—and who can tell you you’re being flirted with when you aren’t picking up the signals! In essence, someone who really has your back.

Sounds like a really useful setup…

So why don’t we extend it to professional relationships?

One of the top situations where both individuals and companies could use a proverbial wingman is the digital landscape. All companies using technology, regardless of size or industry, are at risk for many IT-related disasters. Unfortunately, technology is such an ingrained part of our lives that learning about cybersecurity, ransomware, and disaster recovery can feel overwhelming. This is especially true when you want to be focusing on connecting with customers, making sales, and building your business.

Fortunately, Stratti has you covered.

We provide preventative, proactive solutions for your business by working with your existing IT setups and building tailored backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plans. We take pride in protecting your business from unforeseen threats in such a way that you can continue business as usual. As your IT wingman, Stratti anticipates your needs and prioritizes your security, protecting you from cyber threats as well as preparing your networks for all the needs you have.

If you’re looking to upgrade your business technology software, replace equipment, or try something new, we’re here to act as a sounding board and provide our insight into what will work best for your business. We believe in supporting local businesses and building ongoing, trusted relationships with our community.

Everyone needs a wingman. Let Stratti be yours—we’ve got your back.