Success Story: How Stratti Helped the Chico Area Recreation District Modernize its IT

Annabel Grimm on How Stratti Took IT from Stressful to Simple

As a small business manager or owner in 2024, your days are already filled with important decisions.

From hiring to payroll to equipment inventory—we know there’s plenty on your plate without also worrying about your internet connection dropping out. As Annabel Grimm, General Manager at Chico Area Recreation District (CARD), says: 

“I need IT but I don’t wanna think about IT.”

—Annabel Grimm

An SOS for IT Assistance

CARD has been a Stratti client for over two years, but prior to that, her large team had only one in-house IT employee. Every time that IT employee went on vacation… he wasn’t really on vacation, always on call for the ongoing IT troubleshooting necessary to keep the organization. It was clear CARD’s IT needs were far beyond the capacity of one person.

With the compounding challenge of aging infrastructure and a small host of confusing network problems, Annabel knew they needed help.

She reached out to several different IT companies… and Stratti was “the only firm that was timely, responsive, and highly recommended.” 

The Real Deal 

In initial conversations with Stratti, Annabel shared a rundown of current challenges: systems would randomly drop from the network, there was no inventory of computers and laptops, and there were dozens of excess subscriptions for software no longer in use. 

Fortunately, Stratti covers everything from cabling to firewall implementation, and we were soon able to update CARD’s systems into a modern, productive machine.

Here’s a list of just some of the services we now provide to CARD: 

  • RingCentral Voice-Activated Phone system
  • New network cabling and wireless access points to reach the “dead zones”
  • Routers, Firewalls, and VPNs
  • Revamped Teams application
  • Improved wireless security with public guest access isolated from the internal network
  • Streamlined connectivity
  • Consolidated internet billing
  • Monthly network report cards

“Stratti is like a security blanket!” said Annabel, knowing their networks are running smoothly and their data is protected. As CARD’s Managed Service Provider, Stratti saves CARD about $600 a month by cleaning up their unused subscriptions, and we’ve also saved them money by consolidating their internet billing and mitigating their chances of costly downtime with enhanced cybersecurity protocols.

IT doesn’t have to keep you up at night. We’re here to help you keep business operations efficient and streamlined.

“Stratti feels like part of the team. They’re a service provider, but they’re also a part of CARD’s team.”

—Annabel Grimm