Stratti Recommends: Office365

Three reasons why Office365 is a good fit for your company… 24/7/365.

Everyone needs a good word processor, reliable email system, and data processing software. And wouldn’t it be nice if everything was integrated? 

Whether you’re ready to make the switch to Office365 company-wide or just shopping around for options, Stratti can help you make smart business decisions. 

What is Office365?

Office365 is a cloud-based suite of productivity applications including Outlook (for communications and scheduling), Word (for document creation and sharing), Excel (for data storage and processing), and more. Gone are the days of stacks of Microsoft CDs, and giant downloads of packages to your desktop: Office365 is modern, new, and improved. 

The fact that Office 365 is cloud-based means you can keep all your Microsoft-based programs, files, and folders safe, without clogging up your hard drive with documents and PowerPoints. 

Office365 makes it easy to collaborate with your team, get access to what you need, and offers a necessity to combat today’s hacker-friendly climate – security.

With Office365, you get the total package. 

With one easy subscription, Office365 helps you stay connected and organized, while also fostering ease of communication between team members. Here are three reasons we recommend Office 365:

  1. You Get Access Anywhere, Any Time 

Cloud technology has major advantages for companies keeping pace in the digital word. Staying connected to an email server that’s always available, and having tools that work with any device, means you aren’t tied to one desktop. Take your business to an off-site meeting, check your email on a plane, or edit a timely document from your backyard. Pivot on projects quickly, make changes on the go, and see the most recent updates as soon as they happen. 

Additionally, with Office 365, you’ll always be accessing the most current version of all Office products. Automatic updates and patches mean you get the best and safest features. 

2. Collaboration Has Never Been Easier

With remote and hybrid workforces now the norm, you need collaboration tools that actually work. Office365 has many to offer, from shared calendars in Outlook to efficient, dedicated spaces for live collaboration in SharePoint. 

Say farewell to that email thread with 25 different attachments of the same, slightly-tweaked document. Say hello to real-time edits and hello to organized teamwork. 

3. Secure Defenses Keep Your Data Safe

Stratti knows firsthand that securing your data has never been more important—we’ve been helping you to do so for 25 years. Office365 provides critical security protection such as Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and easy use of Single Sign-On (SSO) login options. MFA options mean layers of bolstered security, so you’re no longer relying solely on an employee password to protect all the company data. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could focus on the real work, instead of messing around with how to share files and schedule meetings? We think so too—which is why Stratti recommends Office365.