Stratti Recommends: Datto!

Need the ability to keep working in case of a surprise flood or major equipment failure? We’ve got a solution.

As part of your BDR plan, you need backup that ensures your business can recover quickly and seamlessly in case of cyber attacks or natural disasters like equipment failure or fire.

We’ve evaluated many different BDR solutions, and Datto is the clear winner.  

Why Choose Datto?

It’s reliable.

Datto provides an on-premise backup and server solution that makes it easy to recover data. With Datto, information is not only backed up locally but also to the cloud. Customizable options give you the ability to do local backups as often as you want—every day, every hour, every five minutes: whatever is best suited for your company’s needs.

It’s highly efficient.

With many BDR solutions, it can take days or even weeks for businesses to recover their data, re-establish network connections, and get their servers back up and running. But if a meteor hits your building, your Datto box (aka Datto’s proprietary cloud-based technology) can get you back up and running in mere minutes.

And it’s comprehensive.

Datto provides cloud backup services tailored to your business, along with SaaS Protection, which means you can access and protect your data on an ongoing basis. It’s compatible with everything from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace data, as well as collaboration tools like conversations, calendars, and groups. Businesses looking for comprehensive services will be thrilled to learn about Datto’s SIRIS: the first fully-featured total data protection platform delivered in a single integrated package. SIRIS combines business continuity and disaster recovery into a unified solution to help protect you from ransomware, and it provides access to your backups immediately.

Get Datto Now!

Stratti is an authorized Datto reseller with certifications in backup and restoration configuration. It’s a pleasure to feature their products and services. Additionally, Datto is highly connected and provides us with real-time reporting, making it a strong partnership we’re proud to share.