How to Streamline Communications with Ring Central’s VoIP and UCAAS Services

Sometimes, less technology means greater clarity

Apps of all kinds have made the workplace, and the world, more connected.

Sometimes, however, it can feel like there are too many fragmented communication methods we’re all pivoting between—our personal phones, work messaging apps, Slack channels, Google services, Zoom, Teams…the list goes on. 

These days you need versatile solutions, but you also need tools that make communication easier, not more complex. 

Stratti has you covered with Ring Central, a cloud-based communications solution. It’s an opportunity to facilitate unified communication and save money. 

Ring Central is more than just a replacement phone system. It serves as a single, useful hub to base all of your team and client communications out of. Ring Central uses both VoIP and UCAAS to provide a wide variety of services in a simplified platform.

UCASS & VoIP: What are they, and what’s the difference? 


Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short is a category of technology that allows you to make and receive calls using an Internet connection instead of a regular phone line. It’s essentially a way of avoiding expensive, high-maintenance landline systems. 

VoIP was initially established in the 1990s to help businesses avoid long-distance phone calls and hiked-up fees. Now, with the continued expansion of VoIP technology, you can make calls directly from a phone, mobile phone, or computer via a dashboard or app. For organizations wanting to grow, and be more flexible and scalable, it’s the perfect streamlined solution for calls anywhere, anytime. 


UCAAS stands for Unified Communications As A Service. It’s an umbrella term used to describe a more integrated, holistic, and cloud-based communications platform. We’re talking enterprise telephony, audio and video meetings, instant messaging, and more. 

Ring Central’s UCAAS includes VoIP, video conferencing, and team messaging, all in a unified cloud-based digital workflow, accessible to users on any device. Think about all the apps you already use or want to use—like Slack and Zoom—and imagine them all together. With a single click, you can toggle between a message thread and a video call, instead of scrambling around to find which tab has your Call open so you can screen share the spreadsheet you have in a separate window… whew. 

With UCAAS, it’s easy to facilitate deeper communication and collaboration with less technology. 

Ring Central is in the top quadrant of UCAAS systems worldwide. Stratti is a licensed provider of Ring Central, and we’ve seen many clients helped by the services it streamlines. 

Whether your company has one location or many, or is looking to change just your phone system or your whole communications operation, Stratti and Ring Central provide some amazing options. Ready to get connected, the way that best serves you? Join other successful businesses and get in touch now.