Back Up Your Data: Here’s What Could Happen If You Don’t!

Companies of all sizes are vulnerable to malware attacks and data loss. What’s your data backup plan? 

If you lost all your data tomorrow, what’s the likelihood your company could still operate?

Chances are, it couldn’t.  Especially without a recent data backup on hand. 

What you stand to lose

Whether or not you realize it, your data is everything. Without it, your enterprise may not be able to pay your employees, connect with customers, or even perform day-to-day tasks. Data loss can also lead to much more significant consequences such as operational shutdowns and losses in revenue. If larger or more dramatic interruptions occur, you risk reputational damage, too.

What could cause data loss?

Companies of all sizes, and across all industries, are at risk of losing data because they haven’t performed regular data backup on their systems. Data loss could happen for many reasons: physical damage (e.g. water damage or a power outage), human error (it happens all the time!), viruses, or cyber attacks.

Malware, specifically, is a growing issue. Cybercriminals can leverage even a single entry point to corrupt your data and compromise your systems using malware of many varieties. Unfortunately, these types of cyberattacks are being aimed more frequently at small and midsized businesses, as hackers catch on to the fact that smaller companies might not have the time or budget to have defensive strategies in place.

What you can do to ensure business continuity (it’s easier than you think!)

You might not be able to prevent every cyberattack, but you can have a strong Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) plan if the worst does happen. A strong BDR plan involves identifying your most critical data, strategizing for regular and incremental backups, and creating a step-by-step timeline to address specific interruptions.

And we’ve got your back. As your wingman,Stratti addresses any data backup vulnerabilities with preventative, proactive strategies. We start by building an informed and comprehensive BDR plan for your business, which includes: 

  • Prevention (think of backups and equipment monitoring)
  • Detection (letting you know as soon as possible that something is going awry)
  • Correction (locking down a good cybersecurity plan, debriefing sessions)

If a proverbial meteor hits, having a BDR plan will help your company recover as quickly and effectively as possible. You’ll be armed with your own backed-up data, a plan of how to communicate with the media, and even insurance information. Stratti has you covered—even for disasters you haven’t thought of yet.