6 Ways to Cyber Spring Clean Your Biz

Tighten up your cybersecurity with this simple checklist

Spring cleaning is usually about Marie Kondo-ing your clothes and shoes, giving the house a good “airing out,” and cleaning behind some things you haven’t pulled away from the wall in… a while. 

These days, we must do the same activities in our digital lives—especially if you own a business.

Spring is the perfect time to sweep away the digital dust, tidy up security protocols, and fortify your defenses. Here, we’re giving you a comprehensive list of cyber spring cleaning tasks to ensure your business is not only resilient but flourishing in the face of evolving cyber challenges. 

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Here’s how to freshen up, declutter, and reinforce your digital fortifications:

1. Check Your Endpoints

Think of this as checking the possible entry points to your house. You’d check doors, windows, garage doors, and even chimneys. Endpoints are similar—they include every device connected to your network, from laptops and phones to printers and smart thermostats.

Make a list of all the tools you use, then ensure each one has updated security software and the latest patches to mitigate vulnerabilities and enhance overall endpoint protection.

2. Check Your Firewalls

Firewalls safeguard your digital perimeter from unauthorized access and potential threats. And just like how you should check the expiration date on a fire extinguisher, it’s a good idea to verify the configurations and update the firmware of your firewalls to ensure they’re effectively filtering network traffic.

3. Ensure You Have a BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery)

If you live somewhere with floods, earthquakes, or other natural threats, you might be familiar with the term “go bag.” It’s the pre-packed bag you grab in an emergency, filled with key items you need to survive. A Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) plan is the same concept, but for your business.

Building a BDR might be easier than you think. Use this spring as a chance to check your processes are regularly backing up critical data and systems. This ensures a swift recovery in the event of data loss, cyber incidents, or unforeseen disasters, minimizing downtime and potential business impact.

4. Check Your Antivirus and Spam Programs 

Getting a lot of junk mail? Tighten up your antivirus and spam programs! You’ll save yourself the irritation of spam building up and making you miss emails. You’ll also cut down on risks associated with clicking ads and malicious links. Win-win!

5. Freshen Up Employee Awareness 

There are plenty of ways to freshen up your cybersecurity knowledge, including some tips to stay up-to-date without spending hours slogging through training. Common user-based issues with password sharing and reuse, phishing scams, and phone scams are ubiquitous enough to belong in your weekly meetings. Reminding your employees their managers will never reach out to them asking for their passwords or providing a refresher on why you shouldn’t open suspicious attachments can save your whole company from compromise.

6. Delete Your Downloads

Taking a load of old clothes to the thrift store? Smart move! Why not do the same with your device storage? Set aside time to comb through your downloads and unused apps. You’ll improve your cyber hygiene (fewer apps mean fewer opportunities to get hacked or lose data!) as well as free up RAM so your computer will function faster.

BONUS: Check your hardware! 

Software and data management aside, when was the last time you checked your hardware? Any fraying wires? …Are you sure? Mice can reach more places than you’d think, so make the effort to check the wires you can’t see on a daily basis. That might mean behind any shelves, within closets, or all scooted up behind your monitors. Might as well give things a quick vacuum while you’re back there! And while you’ve got the vacuum, give your keyboard a once over. It’ll help with hygiene as well as not gumming up your typing speed.

Or you could take… 

The Shortcut: 

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