3 Tips for a Productive Remote Workforce

There seems to be growing optimism that we’re headed toward a life of normality again. Part of this normality includes a wider availability of remote work options for employees. Since Stratti, and many of our clients, have remote employees, I wanted to share a few tips and tools we’ve found useful to help make remote work successful.

Efficient Technology

Technology for management and employees should be secure and sufficient for the needs of their job. A VPN, for example, allows your employees to connect to your company’s network through a private, secure channel. 

Also, in order for them to be effective, ensure they have a computer system with the right tools, software, speed, and internet connection for them to easily fulfill their responsibilities.

Clear Expectations

Policies for productivity should be set from the beginning, including clear expectations for working from home. Doing so keeps everybody on the same page and promotes a healthier working relationship between you and your employees.

Evaluate Hybrid Work

Lastly, we are seeing some companies adopt a hybrid solution. This is when employees work onsite 1-2 days, and then work remotely 3-4 days. In a situation like this, you’ll still want to have the right technology in place for your team to maximize productivity.

With these tips and tools, you can capitalize on the benefits of the remote workforce, such as a larger talent pool, and keep your company secure and productive.