Why 16GB of RAM is the New Black

Is your computer slower than a three-toed sloth? While there’s a chance it’s just having a friendly competition with the world’s moseyest mammal, it’s more likely you just need some more RAM (aka computer memory). As software continues to improve in capability performance, it’s also simultaneously requiring more processing space to do its job well. 

In the past, 8GB of memory was adequate for most computers, but these days it’s generally not enough to keep them running fast and smooth. For most businesses, 16GB is all you need to solve lagging problems and get your computer speedy again. 

How to determine your current RAM:

  • On PCs: Type “System Requirements” into your Search bar. In the popup window, search for Installed Physical Memory.
  • On Macs: Click the Apple icon at the top left of your screen. Click “About This Mac” and then search for “Memory.”

If you need to upgrade to 16GB, there’s good news: installing additional RAM is easy (it’s as simple as purchasing and popping in additional/replacement memory sticks) and affordable (only about $98-$150).